Medication Therapy Management (MTM) has been a concept that was directly derived from Medicare drug plans to have pharmacies assist them in offsetting certain costs by attempting to have prescribers change therapy(ies) to make it cheaper for the insurances. However, true MTM involves a critical review of a patients entire medication regiment, including over-the-counter supplements and therapies, finding the gaps in treatment and offering patients the most information possible to improve their overall health. At Good Graces Pharmacy, we take this approach further than most by working to find your best pharmaceutical regiment covered by your insurance (specifically tailored to your health situation at the time of review), but we also work to evaluate your lacking supplementation therapies (many of which are depleted by prescription therapies, which in turn causes a greater need for other therapies down the road, much of which can be avoided by proper supplementation of specific vitamins and herbals). Stop by today to see how Good Graces pharmacists can assist your entire health picture and become the healthiest individual you can be!

In the United States of America, roughly half of Americans take at least 1 prescription medication, and nearly half of all chronic prescription medications are not taken as prescribed, costing the healthcare system hundreds of billions of excess dollars every year. At Good Graces Pharmacy, we work with you to find the best alternatives by reviewing your medication list with you, going over side effects as well as overall cost effectiveness options - working to find the most optimal solutions for your health. Our pharmacists want to ensure you have the best quality of life, with your medical conditions monitored and properly controlled so that you can enjoy life in the fullest. A regular, complete review of your treatment options (including over-the-counter medications and supplements) is the best way to ensure your highest quality level of healthcare, making the best version of you possible!

A common misconception is that as we age, we automatically will have a greater need for prescription therapy(ies). In the years of medical experience amongst Good Graces Pharmacy personnel, this misconception is one of the most difficult for most people to overcome, yet we have some 20 year old patients taking more than most 70 year old patients, and some 80 year old patients still not taking any prescription medication with regular health checkups showing they are the picture of health. Natural supplementation is a common allowance for many of these patients, as they have monitored and treated common ailments before they become massive issues, often with nutrient balances and supplements. With most prescription therapies, there is an even greater need for the supplementation of specific vitamins, minerals, and other micro- and macro-nutrients. Prescription therapies often deplete the body of essential nutrients that are vital for processing food, energy production, proper growth and healing properties of our bodies and so much more. Visit your pharmacist today to see what nutrients your body may be starved of by your prescription therapy.

As a professor often admitted in pharmacy school, there is a reason it is called the "practice of medicine." There was never a more complete statement, as there are so many variables into each of us as individuals, and the way our bodies react to medications, particularly when multiple medications are prescribed at once. A new and upcoming trend, known as pharmacogenomics, is a way to help with this complication in the practice of medicine. Using a simple cheek swab, patients can learn a vast array of information about his or her specific body and the ability their genes have to create necessary enzymes to process and transport medications throughout the body. Our pharmacists have vendor partners who are able to process and provide up-to-date information with respect to prescribed medications for each patient, as well as having access to this list for future prescribed medications and how new medications can be effected by genetics. Let us help you find the most appropriate prescription therapies for your unique body genetics.

Several insurances will pay for medication review programs offered by the pharmacy. There are multiple plans and opportunities to ensure your best health is provided for your specific and individualized needs. Our pharmacy staff is highly trained to find the best options for you, at a price that fits your budget. We want to be a part of your healthcare team, adding value and insight into your overall health care. With programs continuing to grow, there is always an option to learn and grow your ability to take control of your health. Stop by the pharmacy to see what options exist to find your path for greater health options that allow you to live life to its fullest today!