Expert clinical judgement is a new concept for some pharmacies across the United States, but at Good Graces our pharmacists have been involved in healthcare team decisions for the betterment of patient care. This means we work not only as your medication delivery mechanism, but we critically evaluate scenarios with your prescribers to find the best clinical outcome for you, provided the opportunity. We have direct knowledge of specific medications, devices, and diagnostic testing designed to help with many medical conditions, such as: a diabetes medication that also helps protect heart function, an antidepressant that also provides pain relief for certain medical conditions, providing preventative care options such as immunizations and supplemental therapies, or even providing pharmacogenomic testing to identify your body's ability to process and transport medications. Using this knowledge, we often find alternative therapies for your treatment that can save you money by not only using less medication but also to find cheapest alternative for your body's specific treatment(s) and balancing the effectiveness for your health condition.

At Good Graces Pharmacy, our pharmacists have undergone special training to be able to provide our patients with access to injectable medications, including various vaccinations. As part of our medication review process, our pharmacy staff understand and offer various immunizations without your having to make a medical appointment to obtain the vaccine. This opportunity is available to many of our patients with an agreement in place with a local doctor, with other opportunities to obtain vaccines or other injectable medications with a prescriber's order. The pharmacy is able to complete most insurance billing, file all documentation requirements, and coordinate any future needs for injections to complete adequate treatment protocols.

As a professor often admitted in pharmacy school, there is a reason it is called the "practice of medicine." There was never a more complete statement, as there are so many variables into each of us as individuals, and the way our bodies react to medications, particularly when multiple medications are prescribed at once. A new and upcoming trend, known as pharmacogenomics, is a way to help with this complication in the practice of medicine. Using a simple cheek swab, patients can learn a vast array of information about his or her specific body and the ability their genes have to create necessary enzymes to process and transport medications throughout the body. Our pharmacists have vendor partners who are able to process and provide up-to-date information with respect to prescribed medications for each patient, as well as having access to this list for future prescribed medications and how new medications can be effected by genetics.

Medication Therapy Management (MTM) has been a concept that was directly derived from Medicare drug plans to have pharmacies assist them in offsetting certain costs by attempting to have prescribers change therapy(ies) to make it cheaper for the insurances. However, true MTM involves a critical review of a patients entire medication regiment, including over-the-counter supplements and therapies, finding the gaps in treatment and offering patients the most information possible to improve their overall health. At Good Graces Pharmacy, we take this approach further than most by working to find your best pharmaceutical regiment covered by your insurance (specifically tailored to your health situation at the time of review), but we also work to evaluate your lacking supplementation therapies (many of which are depleted by prescription therapies, which in turn causes a greater need for other therapies down the road, much of which can be avoided by proper supplementation of specific vitamins and herbals). Stop by today to see how Good Graces pharmacists can assist your entire health picture and become the healthiest individual you can be!